At the first we begin sliding motion. This exercise allows us to engage all the muscles of the legs, gluteal muscles, abdominals and tread through the stereotype of the back muscles. This exercise is suitable for use with any further mentioned exercises. It allows us stuffy active, compared to heart rate and still maintain a body in motion. _ In this exercise we hold hands as far anterior (front) handle, arms and legs are stretched carry a rolling step stereotype _ the second option-arms are bent, holding a curved lateral side of the handle closer to the body. The rolling motion is at this moment, less demanding, lower limbs can make a shorter diameter of the movement, no throwing pans. We use it in a stale workout exercise.


Strengthening exercises in front of the machine, holding hands in side bending rails are bent. legs move in front of the machine, do the movement of short strokes. At this stage there is a power of muscles. The lower limbs, buttocks, very strong abdominal muscles and muscles of the upper extremities. This can very cleverly an exercise to strengthen abdominal muscles, back muscles without load (which may occur in poorly and incorrectly performed bully moves as well as neck and shoulder). Posture to determine what we need to concentrate more on whether the lower limbs or abdomen or buttock muscles. For the advanced, or after prolonged exercise, we can make this exercise more difficult in execution. It consists in a slight straightening of the upper limbs, their bodies pulled from the trunk. At this stage the burden of holding the position during exercise only in the upper limbs and abdominal muscles. Tilt of the body allows us to move into a bigger leg of the upper arch and thereby obtain a greater burden on the thigh muscles. This exercise is always advisable to perform the exercise number one, we repeated several times for 2 min exercise. Of course, the duration of this exercise can be gradually increased.
Exercise followed by number one-step rolling motion can be chosen according to the intensity of a variant - the upper limbs stretched, using the front handle, or stale option for number two - the upper leg bent, hold the curved side handles.


Fitness brief movement in the rear of the machine-stretched hands and hold them to the curved side hoop. Lower limb performs an oscillating movement in the rear a short arc. This exercise strengthens the back of the leg, thigh, calf and gluteal muscles, strengthening the trunk muscles and muscles of the upper extremities. For his performance should be done in shorter and more frequent intervals, again several times during exercise. We gradually increase the duration.
The physical condition is again possible to exercise a number variant in the client's needs.


Sliding movement parallel legs, upper legs to hold the handles in front of the machine, hands outstretched, we perform a similar movement, bent forward at the finish in the top curve straightening until full settlement of the lower extremities. Move back again is to shrug and return power to the rear arc of movement, settlement again. This movement can be likened to move on skis or skis. It's a rocking motion, which in addition to the involvement of the lower limbs and abdominal muscles involved with stabilizing the trunk and forced the trunk muscles, including the deep muscular system of the spine. This move also still produce a lot of endorphins. The design evokes a smile, because it stimulates our perceptions and returns us to the days when we knew how to rock. It is a moderate intensity exercise, so it can be used even after strength exercises, such as a relaxing exercise. In its implementation maintains a constant heart rate at the level of combustion, but you free the muscles that were previously heavily reinforced. Its implementation will also relax and stretch muscles, also helps to wash away the lactic acid in muscle mass.


Front lunge one leg in this exercise-fix with one foot in a higher position, the rear of the machine. Upper limbs have handles on the side, serve us only as a guarantee for the implementation of this exercise, the balance can get his hands on his knee, lean legs that will carry forward lunge. Fixed leg (the leg attached boot) is taut, the other leg moves forward to the possibility of the client. Hands on knees are moving legs. In the lunge position, we can make little springy movement and return to the position strong legs. When this exercise is to engage the front leg muscles, strong legs stretching, strengthening calf and front thigh muscle, strengthening tendons achylies, strengthening gluteal muscles and the suspension even in the extreme position of back muscles. This exercise is really amazing for the joint system. One can of course also carry shoes blocking the other side of the machine in the front. Here is a larger radius and thus increases the intensity of exercise. Thrust perform about 30 times each leg, if we have sufficient physical fitness, shoes can move to the front of the machine and repeat the exercise again in his slightly more difficult form


Strengthening the abdominal muscles on the machine in the kneeling-trainer Crouch at the end of the machine. Deny feet and hands placed on trolleys. Performs movement forward and back. The instructor himself determines the distance where it will move forward. This exercise strongly strengthens the abdominal muscles, his performance is one of the highest and therefore requires very good physical condition for its implementation. If the trainer wants, it can carry out here a very short oscillations, which have a great effect on abdominal, gluteal, thigh and back muscles. Slow movement increases the effect of back exercises. After practice, we recommend stretching the whole body relaxing with one motion. (An exercise) Lateral movements By skipping "booties" to get the lateral position of other options and strengthening exercises on the machine Fiveriders.


Lateral movement parallel to the legs, the body is turned to the side of the machine. Hands holding a slight shrug of the side rails. The lower limbs are moving from center to
outer arcs machine. Turn body and connecting the legs together, achieve movement snowboarding. This motion is based on the synchronization of the entire body, including the upper extremities. This exercise can achieve a certain physical condition used as free movement for the release of physically demanding movement.


Motion for strengthening inner thighs - an exercise that we can very quickly enhance and strengthen the inner thighs. The movement in which one leg is fixed and the other free. Fixation of the foot is optional, can be either in front or rear of the machine. Higher effect can be obtained fixation shoes as possible.This exercise not only quickly and effectively strengthens the inner thighs, but slims entire lower legs. It also acts favorably on the hip joints.
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